Niemi Kapee Smoke Sauna

Niemi Kapee Smoke Sauna

Kapeenniementie 22
tel.: +358 3 3783 057
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Mikroklimato grafikas 2017-11-22

The climate of this smoke sauna hot room was measured by Rimas Kavaliauskas (Lithuanian Bath Academy) during Soke sauna networking event organized by Eda Veeroja. The sauna heatig duration was about 5 hours, after heating hot room walls and benches were well washed by pressure hoose. Another hour or even two passed before we went to sauna. The mesurements were taken by data logger every 5 sec. during all bathing and a few houres after.

  Typical session climate

Tvid = 69 ℃ Dvid = 22.1 % This is typical about 15 min. long session in this sauna. The dew point temperature in the beginning was just 35°C, which is experienced as too cold if the person has sweated already. Then the water has been added to the stones 2 times. First adding raised T(dew) to 49°C which is considered as „intense heat“. Only in 2 minutes T(dew) decreased to 38,8°C, which is again „too cold to be hot“ and water has been added second time. This time dew point reached 50°C which again is „rather hot“. After another 7 min. the dew point was back down to initial 35°C. On the graph we see that „the most red“ part of the data lyes below the homothermic curve (green line). Active action (water pouring every 2 min at least) is needed to keep this sauna „warm enough“ for the fellow bather who is already sweated.


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