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Mikroklimato grafikas 2018-08-05

This is the temperature and humidity measurement, done during Pirtis@Spa contest held by Dmitry Dobrovolslky. The were 4 perticipants from Lithuanian Bath Academy and one Latvian guy. As you may see only Saulius and Rimas were able to reach and apply real pirtis steam for their clients. Elena and Genadij did gentle warming by soft steam and Mark did not use steam at all (in fact he was using whisks soaked in the hot water to heat the body.


Tvid = 55.3 ℃ Dvid = 41.6 % Genadij whisking was done during continuous growth of the temperature in the hot room - from 51°C to 58°C. This was tha firest participant and the sauna was still gaining it!s heat. Genadij barely used the „steam power“ reaching DP 42°C at his most.

  Mark gentle whisking

Tvid = 55.6 ℃ Dvid = 28.7 % During the next whisking (and massage) the temperature stabilized around 56°C and was sligthly dropping durint 40 min procedure. The steam was added sparingly - barely reaching homothermal mininmum. most of the time DP was 32°C which resembles the climate of a wet and warm washing room. We must also understand that temperature was measured 60 cm above the body level. At the body the expected temperature should have been around 40-45°C.

  Saulius whisking and massage

Tvid = 50.8 ℃ Dvid = 50.8 % During the 3rd roung whisking has been done by Saulius - experienced whisker. He has finaly reached the normal DP 45°C at his most. The air temperature was growing from 47 to 53°C.

  Rimas aromatherapy whisking and massage

Tvid = 50.1 ℃ Dvid = 51.2 % Another experienced whisker forced steam even higher - up to the maximum of that day - 45,5°C DP. Temperature was slightly growing from 49 to 52°C.

  Elena whisking

Tvid = 50.3 ℃ Dvid = 37.2 % The last perfomance was again a bit softer. Temperature raised from 48°C to 52°C.


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